Thank you for your interest in our Dal Moro's Fresh Pasta To Go master franchise (MF) opportunity.

Our "Fresh Pasta To Go" business began in 2012 in ITALY and now is operating successfully in Venice ITALY, in Barcelona SPAIN and in Toronto CANADA.

Our franchise brochure is attached for information to illustrate how Dal Moro's Fresh Pasta To Go operates in Italy and what the start-up package provides for new franchisees.

The master franchise terms, fees and other contractual matters will be dealt with and agreed by us both so that the relevant documents can be signed. In practice a master franchise arrangement is usually completed in two stages,

1 Establish one or two successful Dal Moro's Fresh Pasta To Go outlets to demonstrate viability, (the Pilot stage). We think you will agree that there must be a working model which demonstrates that the "Fresh Pasta To Go" business model has been successfully adapted and so can be expanded into other parts of your country. In some smaller countries a MF might choose to expand via company owned outlets. However, there must always be a viable operating model to use as a basis for our performance expectations from the franchised business. This is often referred to as a "distribution" model

2 Stage 2 of the typical MF development is establishing a franchising company to recruit, train and support new franchisees. A sub franchising model

The MF must now step up to operating a franchising company to recruit -train - support the franchisees they recruit. Training will be provided to help you establish your franchising company and you will be able to adapt the systems and documents used by the franchisor to recruit support and regularly monitor the performance of your franchisee network.

Our approach to Master Franchise fees is that the initial investment should represent a realistic and attractive investment opportunity for us both and, where appropriate, the sub franchisees. The initial MF fee will include training and support for stages 1 and 2 and be related to the potential number of franchise territories available in your country. More details will be provided at the appropriate time. There will be a MF start-up package fee and then ongoing fees payable to us, to be discussed and agreed later.

The next step is for you to please supply some detailed information, such as a C.V. and if appropriate your organisation details and why you are interested in our MF opportunity.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes,
Gabriele Dal Moro